About Me

Child Prodigy
I was a feral child.
I used to whine about how hard it was but it wasn’t – it was wild.  Totally free range – wouldn’t swap it for all the central heating in the ocean.  It was the well that a life of lateral thinking and free form living sprang from.

Saturn Return 1.
Around 1998 I was diagnosed with what at the time was called clinical depression.  I couldn’t see it.  I’d been living with it all my life and so I had no comparison.  I thought it was weird to be ok in this world – something completely nuts about anyone not depressed.

T’ai Chi Ch’uan
Fast forward to 2010 and I was dragged kicking and screaming into a tai chi class ‘no no no no no no no not gonna do that hippy stuff don’t wanna wear bells on my feet noooooooo!’ and I got a right sharp slap in the face from ghosts of tai chi past; a wake up call to something that I still cannot define.

I was hooked and I studied hard.

Functional Movement Therapy
And within six months I felt a shift emotionally and a realisation that the despair of a suicidal depression is not a normal reaction to an abnormal world.  It is a damaged reaction to an evolving world.  I recall strongly my first feeling of sadness.  Sadness that didn’t tear my heart or raise murderous blood.  Tears that warmed and comforted.

Lo Cost Therapy
I had been in private therapy for 12 years at a cost of £enormous and had taken studies and training in various therapeutic courses, all of which led to a potential profession in the therapeutic world at a cost of £enormous to the client.  Six months of daily tai chi, qigong, meditation and martial arts had turned a terrible despair and anger into an appropriate sadness.  I figured I wanted to integrate the skills of chair-based therapy with the wonders of exercise to create an affordable therapy available to all.