Taijiquan, Qigong & Functional Movement Therapy

began it’s life as a martial art and over the years has become a go to exercise movement for health and vitality. 

It is said to take three lifetimes to master the art of taijiquan.

is more simple.  It is effective movements where the body has opportunity to unblock trapped energy and internal knots, harmonising internal organs whilst releasing feel good chemicals essential to repair.

a Functional Movement Therapist
will look at an individuals needs and find appropriate exercise and correct posture to soothe away the body’s complaints.

I use skills and arts that have been effective for over 7,000 years in repairing emotional imbalance, physical injury and in restoring a person to optimal health.

Sometimes a condition may be irrepairable and in these cases we look at arresting further disrepair, strengthening surrounding areas to support the ailing areas, and keeping the nervous system away from an overload of stress in order to engage in a more comfortable life.